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Dave & Central Cee: Surprise Marketing tactics

June 2023, everywhere you go, everywhere you scroll ... the hook of 'Sprinter', the new single by Central Cee and Dave is being played. A lyrical gift - a collaboration we've all been wanting but didn't see it coming when it landed. Both geniuses in owning the conversation; together - UK rappers Dave and Central Cee have schooled us on how to drop (launch a project) - breaking records with their surprise collaboration EP titled 'Split Decision.'. In the ever-evolving world of culture marketing, valuable lessons can be learned from successful artists who possess a deep understanding of engaging audiences and creating buzz.

Major keys: Demonstrating the mastery of the art of teasing, the power of surprise drops, the impact of cultural collaborations, with the quotable lyrics. Let's delve into these elements that contribute to their remarkable cultural currency and marketing success. Here a few important pointers and take aways from their strategy:

Relationships The video for the track 'Sprinter' provides a glimpse into Dave and Central Cee's homegrown collaborations, further enhancing the cultural impact of their work. Notably, viewers can spot familiar faces such as Clint419, the founder of Corteiz, and Slawn, artist and owner of Beau Beau's Cafe, the baby Central Cee is holding in the video is Slawn's son. The relationships Dave and Cench have with both Slawn and Clint are not new. Their connections resonate with fans who appreciate genuine collaborations and local influences.

Surprise A big surprise was the announcement of the The 'Split Decision' EP' - the two have been teasing some sort of collaboration together for some time, then when the EP was announced and the record dropped - the excitement amongst fans was felt!


The duo were able to harness intrigue and excitement through key moments. Slawn's cafe opening - and featuring this heavily in the Sprinter music video, along with Slawn's son Beau (also the name of the cafe) was important to the scene. The single release and EP launch coincided with the rappers' 25th birthdays, which are a few day apart.

Teasing The surprise, the moments and the relationships - were never narrated in full. They were always teased, strategically throughout the core promotional window. When the rumours first started that a collaboration was coming and pictures of studio session emerged - anticipation was heightened. A tease. Then the video of their freestyle on the Victory Lap show dropped.... another tease before, the EP dropped. Strategic.

These guys have strategically created and sustained: hype and buzz. A great example of a launch 🚀


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