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Football X Fashion X Community: Daily Paper, Adidas & AJAX.

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

“Amsterdam is where we shine!”


The new Daily Paper collaboration with Adidas & AJAX is one that infuses culture, community, sport and passion.

Football X Fashion X Community

Amesterdam based Daily Paper are one of the fastest growing fashion brands out of Europe. Fueled by the rich heritage of African culture wrapped in contemporary designs.

Today, Ajax, Adidas and Daily Paper release the 2022/2023 Ajax third kit. The kit celebrates Amsterdam’s unique street football culture and its golden generation, to recognize its impact on the sense of belonging and community in Amsterdam.

Through the kit, Ajax, adidas and Daily Paper pay a tribute to the city’s unique street football culture and its golden generation. The infamous football courts – 'pleintjes' in Dutch – have been and continue to be a breeding ground for the talent born and raised in Amsterdam, including so many past and present Ajax greats.

According to many, it is where the attacking playing style Ajax is known for is rooted.

It’s all in the detail.

Daily Paper reinterpreted Amsterdam’s coat of arms, which sits on the neck of the kit. The motif features Ajax and Daily Paper branding, the year Amsterdam was founded (1275), Amsterdam nicknames Mokum and Damsko and Pan-African colours, reflecting the African heritage of Daily Paper.

What I love about Daily Paper, is they always draw inspiration from their culture, heritage, identity. The founders are all of African decent, Ghana, Somalia & Morrocco & you’ll never forget it.

What an incredible partnership - rooted in community and bridging the gap between cultures. On a global stage. “The Golden Standard”.

We love to see it!


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