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Strategist, Consultant and Storyteller. 

A multi-disciplinary, creative thinker interested in culture, tech, Africa & the diaspora.

Cecelia is an effective marketeer with a talent for transforming insights into captivating stories, impactful campaigns and strategic partnerships, Cecelia has consistently delivered exceptional results for her clients. With over 9 years experience as a lead marketing and brand partnerships manager, she seamlessly combines her passion and experience to develop innovative ideas that truly resonate.

Whether you're seeking to create engaging campaigns, shape powerful brand strategies, or forge meaningful partnerships, Cecelia is the ultimate go-to professional who will take your business to the next level. What sets her apart is her deep understanding of subcultures, Africa, and the African diaspora. 

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I collaborate with brands to develop impactful, creative and sustainable strategies and campaigns that connect

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As someone who has recently launched their own business, I have worked with Cecelia to build my brand presence & profile gradually as I find my feet. She is very knowledgeable in her approach and her application & experience in the entertainment and sports industries really shows. Cecelia really believes in what she does and has become a highly valued and trusted member of the team! A pleasure to navigate the partnerships space with! I would highly recommend!

Oriance Lungu, Founder of Elite Boxing & England Boxer

What I do (well).


Specialising in translating insights into disruptive campaigns. My passion for accurately representing diverse stories and audiences drives my work. I collaborate, plan, execute and evaluate campaigns end-to-end.

I develop creative solutions and hyper-nuanced data-driven, relevant, actionable strategies. Driving results and hype. I implement the strategies also - seeing the whole process through.  Africa, the African diaspora and sub-cultures, my vibe. 


Brand Partnerships

Advising and delivering dynamic effective brand partnerships. I am the architect. I cultivate meaningful relationships and unlock opportunities from agencies, international brands, startups, influencers, and individuals.


Working behind the scenes to project manage, produce events, activations and content creation. I make and execute audacious plans to a high standard by understanding the market and objectives.

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