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About Me 

Hello, hi 

I'm Cecelia; I work with brands to strategise and deliver impactful campaigns rooted in culture, community and representation. I love it; this is my world.

Cecelia is a multi-dynamic and passionate brand marketer and cultural strategist. With a proven track record in building brands and shaping cultural narratives, she thrives in creating impactful experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

Her knowledge comes from her passion and extensive experience crafting compelling brand stories, developing strategic campaigns, and forging valuable partnerships; Cecelia leverages the power of culture to connect brands with their target markets, fostering authentic engagement and driving growth. Cecelia began her career as an intern and has since held senior positions at VisitBritain & VisitEngland, collaborating with brands such as Expedia, Facebook, Snapchat, Universal, Sony Pictures, British Airways, Netflix and Premier League. She has also worked with brands such as Daily Paper, Chivas Regal, Wray & Nephew, Fenty Beauty and more. 

Known for her unique insights into African culture and the diaspora, Cecelia brings an invaluable perspective to every project. Her passion for staying ahead of industry trends and cultural shifts enables her to push boundaries and deliver exceptional results.  She has travelled extensively (with lots more to see), lived in LATAM and Africa and speaks three languages. Cecelia leverages her extensive experience in-house, agency and freelance - as a highly sought-after strategic advisor, supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in the corporate, culture, lifestyle, and entertainment sectors.

She is also a skilled voice-over artist and talent artist liaison—a proud multi-hyphenate! Beyond her professional work, Cecelia is empowering communities and advocating for positive change. She firmly believes in the power of brands and influencers to inspire and make a difference.

Her mission is to make cultural alignment the standard and to create best-in-class campaigns that connect and impact.

I want to bridge the knowledge gap so that we can close the wealth gap.

I know that feeling of - huh, what now? Feeling unfulfilled, very meh… asking the big question How am I going to....? 

Same, same. I felt like I wasn’t living in my purpose until I was forced to - first came the pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and my role was made redundant … and admits it all; I knew it was a sign to claim the freedom, the lifestyle I desired: building brands, supporting creatives to see, achieve and maximise their potential giving them the flexibility to live life on their terms... and travelling of course. 

Rebranding and walking tall in it gave me the fuel I needed to build! Now I’m here to help you!


Let’s GO!

Because collaboration makes it happen. 

Building teams 

Sometimes it takes a village. I can help with that ...

Do you need a team on the ground in a new market? Expert knowledge of the black creative and cultural scene?
I work with many creatives on bespoke projects, creatives with experience in their respective fields and passion for what they do. 

In working together, you'll be able to tap into a global creative community dedicated to creating and collaborating.  Unlocking the smartest, key players for brands that lead the cultural zeitgeist. This gives you the access and diversity you need to effectively fulfil your briefs - across the U.K, Africa, Europe, USA and LATAM.

Agile. Rooted in culture and community. 

Team Meeting

Services include:

  • Research (market research, cultural analysis, focus groups) 

  • Production teams (London/ LA/ Accra) from creative planning to delivery and finalised project

  • Social media market specialists

  • Event curation 

  • Influencer recruitment 

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